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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ZED International understands the crucial issue of privacy & data protection and that is why we ensure our customers that their privacy and personal information will be safe with us.

Our top priority is to provide exceptional service to our clients and if it makes them feel secure by reviewing our privacy policy, they surely can on our website. Our clients have the right to know what information is held against them in the process of the sign up with our company. We feel obligated in keeping our customer’s privacy secured and safe, therefore, if a client has any questions regarding the information held against them, he/she can request the information at any time and the representatives will be happy to assist.

Registration Form

We require specific information in order to register at Zed International.

The information that we gather is vital & is self-explanatory as listed below:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Passport No.
  4. Contact Details
  5. Address
  6. Services
    1. Flights
    2. Hotels
    3. Cruise
    4. Tour
    5. Umrah

When our Customers choose to register with us, the info. Is sent to our database, encrypted & secured, with limited access to authorized person(s) only, a unique identification no. is assigned to the Customer through which he/she can log in to his personal profile & access prices & communicate further through saved preferences.

This B2C communication allows us to better serve all our customers while keeping their data security a priority.

Name Field

Name of the passenger is required because it identifies the person who is traveling and contacting us for service. It is recommended to use the name as mentioned on travel documents (Passport). If a name is not provided during a reservation, then it cannot be made or put on hold.

Email Field

Bookings and reservations are shared through email in electronic form for review and confirmation from the customer. Furthermore, when an invoice is generated & payment received, email notifications are auto-generated. We use the email to send the electronic tickets (E-tickets) and any notifications associated with the itinerary. It really comes in handy when we have promotional offers and deals going on. We can notify you by sending you a correspondence.

Mobile No. Field

We ascertain the mobile number because it is a way for us to contact you if something urgently came up. Another reason is for us to send you notifications about the reservation and promotional deals. In a short period, we will be adding a phone app and the mobile (if a smartphone) will be useful for that.

Passport No. Field

Passport no. serves as a unique identification key for each of our customer’s profile and is an essential element in booking itinerary.

Address Field

The postal address is required to accommodate the requests for dispatch of any travel documents in printed form to be delivered to customer’s home/office address.

Privacy and Data Protection

The voluntary information was given by our clients such as name, address, mobile number, email address, and passport no. is stored within our company for creating customer profiles.

This information helps us identify the client who is signing up for the company.

Any personal data of customers will stay within the company and is not given to any third party organization for any purpose whatsoever unless specified. What this means is that if a person bought a ticket from us and opted the insurance option, which is offered by a third party company, then we would share the client’s personal details such as name, age, passport no, travel dates etc. to this third party company. The organization that offers the insurance might contact the customer for any further information that might be needed. We recommend the customer reads or skims through the privacy policy and comprehend it. If they have any questions please contact that organization for further details, we shall not be held responsible for how they use the information that is provided to them.

 Security Measures

We take security very seriously. We use 512-bit encryption, which secures all transactions and personal data on our site. This will ensure that none of the customer financial data or personal information is lost or stolen. We regularly update our site to keep it free of malware, spyware, and viruses.

Announcement of Modification

Our privacy policy can modify anytime without notification. However, the new policy will be posted on the website with a lucid clarification of everything that we do. The client’s personal information will be used with the privacy policy that is in accordance with the time of the sign-up.

Accountability of Text

We rigidly try updating our systems and website regularly. However, this does not mean that Zed International is liable for creditability of any information completed and its veracity. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages of our clients (Financial or etc.), which is caused by the information on the website. When a client is accessing the site, he/she is consenting that they are accessing it on his/her own risk.


The material used in this website is digital ownership of Zed International unless otherwise, specified. Copying of the material is strictly prohibited and will be considered as an infringement.